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What do you currently get for a kilo of stainless steel?

Stainless steel price

Depending on the type of stainless steel, the price per kilo is between 50 cents and 2 euros. In our table you will find the current stainless steel prices in euros per kilo.

Current scrap prices for stainless steel

ARTAverage price per kilo in euros
Stainless steel, V2A, Nirosta, Niro0.90 euros/kg*
Stainless steel, V4A scrap1.90 euros/kg*
Stainless steel chips, Nirosta chips0.80 euros/kg*

* Prices depend on quantity and location. There is a possibility that larger quantities can potentially achieve higher prices.

What affects stainless steel prices?

Stainless steel is made of steel that has been refined with other materials such as chrome, nickel or molybdenum. Therefore, the stainless steel price depends heavily on the world market prices of the components used.

For example, if the prices on the world market for chrome increase, the prices for chrome steel also increase. Also check out the current ones Steel prices at.

How much money do I get for stainless steel from a scrap dealer?

The value of stainless steel scrap depends on the type and condition of the material. That's why used stainless steel is divided into different categories.

Overview of the different types of stainless steel

The general term “stainless steel scrap” encompasses over 100 different types of steel. Depending on the desired function, the iron is mixed with different metals when producing stainless steel.

You can find out which alloys were used to manufacture a product by looking at the material number.

Stainless steel, V2A, Nirosta, Niro

This category includes stainless steel (= Nirosta), which contains chrome and nickel. Stainless steel must contain at least 12.5 percent chromium.

Everyday stainless steel scrap that occurs in households is assigned to this group. For example, railings, sinks, pots or cutlery made of stainless steel.

Stainless steel, V4A scrap

The term “stainless steel V4A” means stainless steel scrap that is particularly protected against corrosion in media containing chloride through refinement.

This type of stainless steel is used, for example, in swimming pools and in the chemical industry.

Rustproof stainless steel chips (Nirosta)

In large-scale industry, stainless steel shavings are mainly produced during lathe work. Since stainless steel can be recycled very well, stainless steel chips should also be returned to the recycling cycle.

How do I recognize stainless steel?

Due to its typical, shiny silver color, stainless steel can be easily distinguished from other metals and alloys. Many stainless steel products also have a material number on the product. The words “stainless steel” are often engraved as a seal of quality.

If you are not sure whether an object is made of chrome-plated metal or stainless steel, the grinding test will help. A chrome layer is so thin that it can be easily sanded off.

If a dark layer of metal appears after sanding, you know it is not stainless steel. For example, fittings are often made of chrome Brass.

Where is stainless steel used?

Overall, the silvery stainless steel is a very popular material. Due to its corrosion resistance and temperature robustness, it is primarily used in the construction and automotive industries. Another sales market for stainless steel is medical technology.

In addition, the stainless steel is often used to make household appliances, pots and cutlery.