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Dispose of the car

Dispose of the car

The professional disposal of old vehicles is an important contribution to environmental protection and resource conservation. This guide will provide you with all the information you need to dispose of your car responsibly.

The essentials in brief:

  • The disposal of end-of-life vehicles must be carried out in accordance with legal requirements, such as the End-of-Life Vehicle Ordinance, whereby: certified waste disposal companies are to be chosen.
  • Environmentally friendly disposal includes: Dismantling, separation of materials and that recycling of valuable raw materials in order to conserve resources.
  • Owners must have their vehicle log out properly and all relevant documents Have it ready when handing it over to the disposal company.

Legal basis and regulations

Relevant laws and regulations

The Car disposal is subject to strict legal requirements that are intended to ensure that vehicles are disposed of and recycled in an environmentally friendly manner. The End-of-life vehicle regulations and that Circular Economy Act are particularly relevant here.

Obligations of vehicle owners

Vehicle owners are obliged to hand in their vehicle to a certified disposal company or a recognized scrap yard. One proper deregistration of the vehicle is also required.

When should a car be disposed of?

Criteria for disposal

A car should be disposed of if it is damaged due to Accident damage, high Repair costs or TÜV process it is no longer economical to maintain it. Also Environmental pollution from old vehicles play a role.

Car disposal process

Steps to handover

The process begins with the De-registration of the vehicle at the Vehicle registration office. The vehicle should then be transported to a certified waste disposal company who is responsible for proper disposal and recycling.

important documents

You will need it to return the vehicle Vehicle registration document and the Vehicle registration document. A Proof of utilization from the disposal company is necessary for the final de-registration of the vehicle.

Selection of the waste disposal company

Criteria for selection

Choose a certified waste disposal company or Junkyard, which guarantees compliance with all legal requirements. Watch out for Environmental standards and possible Certifications.

Recycling process

Description of the process

In the recycling process, old vehicles are first dismantled and the materials separated. Valuable materials like aluminum are recycled, which contributes significantly to Resource conservation contributes.

Car disposal: costs and reimbursements

Overview of possible costs

The cost of car disposal can vary. Some waste disposal companies offer collection and disposal free of charge especially if the vehicle still contains usable materials.

Tips for vehicle owners

Preparation of the vehicle

Remove all personal items from the vehicle and check that the car is free of hazardous waste. One clean handover makes the disposal process easier.

Future prospects

Innovations and trends

The car disposal industry is constantly evolving Innovations in the recycling process and new legal frameworks that enable even more environmentally friendly disposal.


The professional disposal of end-of-life vehicles is an important step in protecting our environment. By observing the legal requirements and selecting a certified waste disposal company, you are making a valuable contribution to this Resource conservation and Environmental preservation.