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What do you currently get for a kilo of electronic waste?

E-waste price

Depending on the type and quantity of electronic waste sold, the price per kilo is between a few cents and 50 euros.

In our table you will find the current prices for electronic waste in euros per kilo.

Table of current scrap prices for electronic scrap

ArtAverage price per kilo in euros
CPU, plastic, affected16.00 euros/kg*
CPU, plastic, mixed25.37 euros/kg*
CPU, ceramic, mixed67.16 euros/kg*
Slot CPUs21.55 euros/kg*
Cell phone, smartphone boards14.12 euros/kg*
Cell phones, smartphones7.73 euros/kg*
Circuit boards class 1A, old6.96 euros/kg*
Circuit boards class 1B, new2.52 euros/kg*
Circuit boards class 30.50 euros/kg*
Circuit boards class 22.42 euros/kg*
RAM with gold contacts25.00 euros/kg*
RAM with silver contacts9.81 euros/kg*
PCs, not robbed0.38 euros/kg*
Hard drives1.20 euros/kg*
Power supplies0.50 euros/kg*
drives0.33 euros/kg*
Electric motors0.54 euros/kg*
Electronic waste, mixed0.08 euros/kg*
Small transformers0.55 euros/kg*
Silver contacts8.06 euros/kg*

* Prices depend on quantity and location. There is a possibility that larger quantities can potentially achieve higher prices.

How much money do I get for old electrical appliances?

Broken electrical appliances can be turned into money at scrap dealers. Under no circumstances should you dispose of electronic waste with household waste. Since electronic waste contains many environmental toxins, it is forbidden anyway.

That's why you should give your old computer, smartphone or printer a chance at a second life and take your old devices to the scrap dealer. Then not only will the environment be happy, but also your wallet.

How much you get for your old devices depends on the type of electronic waste. The amount of precious metals it contains, such as gold, silver, has a major influence on the price of electronic scrap. copper or palladium.

However, the content of usable substances varies greatly between different devices. For example, two computers from different brands may have a completely different composition of precious metals. For this reason, electrical components are divided into different quality classes.

An experienced scrap dealer can estimate your electronic waste and give you an individual price quote.

Which electronic waste brings the highest revenue?

Since computers, cell phones and circuit boards often contain a lot of precious metals and even rare earths such as cerium or neodymium, these old devices achieve the best prices for electronic waste.

Surprisingly, the highest content of recyclables can be found in old computers from the 1990s and early 2000s. So it's worth collecting these early computers and handing them over to a scrap dealer.