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What do you currently get for a kilo of gunmetal?


The gunmetal price is an important indicator of the economic health and development of the metal industry.

In our table you will find the current prices for gunmetal in euros per kilo.

Current scrap prices for red brass

ArtAverage price per kilo in euros
Gunmetal (piece)6.29 euros/kg*
Gunmetal chips6.38 euros/kg*

* Prices depend on quantity and location. There is a possibility that larger quantities can potentially achieve higher prices.

How much money do I get for gunmetal?

As with any market, the relationship between supply and demand plays a crucial role in the pricing of gunmetal. Increased demand for gunmetal in various industries can lead to an increase in price, especially when supply is limited. On the other hand, oversupply can lead to a drop in price when demand is stagnant.

Depending on the type and quantity of gunmetal sold, the price per kilo is between 6.00 euros. Since gunmetal is a copper alloy, the price is closely related to the fluctuations in the price of copper. Fluctuations in the copper prices due to factors such as supply constraints, global economic activity and geopolitical events can significantly affect the price of gunmetal.

Impact on manufacturing costs and prices

Advances in the metallurgy and materials science can influence the production costs of gunmetal. New technologies could increase manufacturing efficiency, which could impact overall costs and therefore influence price.

Overall economic health is influencing demand for gunmetal products. During times of strong economic growth, demand for various products containing gunmetal increases, which could lead to an increase in price.


Overall, it can be seen that the gunmetal price is influenced by a variety of complex factors. Investors, companies and industry observers must carefully analyze these factors to make informed decisions related to gunmetal. The global nature of the gunmetal market requires constant monitoring and adaptation to changing economic, political and technological conditions in order to understand and respond to the impact on price.